For Jaies Baptiste, being an actress isn't just a hobby, it's who she is. More than a gorgeous woman, Jaies's image and personality has begun to win the hearts of people worldwide. It only takes one minute around Jaies and you will know that her true character defines the amazingly humble woman she is.

Jaies is an Actress, Model and Singer whos talent is unlike any other. In 2018 Jaies was a Grammy Award ballot nominee for her single "Heartless" and now Jaies's new debut single video "Keep Smiling" was awarded Youtube's Top Inspirational Video.

Jaies's acting career has elevated into new heights since 2018. Jaies is scheduled to appear in a supporting lead role in 2 major motion pictures.

We invite you to follow her on her journey of becoming a name that not only touches lives, but that every household loves.

Who is Jaies Baptiste?